How does the Rockit fit to a pram or pushchair?

Using the universal bracket which is supplied with every Rockit. This can stay permanently fitted to the pushchair or pram but can also be removed and re-positioned if required. The Rockit then slots in and out of the bracket very quickly and easily. We also sell spare brackets if you would like to fit one to a different pushchair, stroller or buggy. There is a video to show how easy it is to fit - click in the link at the bottom of the page.

Does the Rockit work with all different makes of pram and pushchair?

We think so. We designed a universal bracket (included in every box) to fit tubes of all different shapes or sizes, whether they are square, oval or round. Our lead designer spent many a long hour in baby stores testing on 40+ different pushchairs in order to perfect the bracket. We can't give a 100% guarantee on this because there are always new products hitting the market but we do believe that there should be somewhere on any pushchair that the Rockit will fit.

What age child can I use the Rockit with?

The Rockit is suitable for use with children from birth up until around 3 years old. Our own children still slept in the pushchair up to age 3, so we think it will be useful for several years if bought at birth.

Is the rocking motion safe?

Yes. We have based the rocking motion on the way parents rock their children by hand. Scientific tests show the vibration level closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a pushchair and the subtle yet soothing movement is gentler than a pushchair moving over paving stones.

Can I use the Rockit on a cot or crib?

The Rockit was designed and tested for pushchairs and prams. A helping hand when you are out and about. Rockit was extensively safety tested by Intertek, a global product testing company and they felt that it might be mounted by a tired parent on a bar inside the cot, where the baby could snag clothing. Because we want to adhere to the highest safety standard for all our products we're not able to recommend use on cots, cribs or Moses baskets.

Why is there a 30 minute timer on the Rockit?

The Rockit is not designed to keep a child asleep for an extended period. It is meant to be a helping hand to soothe a baby and help them drift off to sleep or maintain their sleep when the pushchair or pram stops.

Can the Rockit be used in the rain?

The Rockit is showerproof (tested to IPX1 standard). Avoid exposure to prolonged or heavy rain.

How can I get the best battery life from the Rockit?

1) Use good quality Alkaline batteries. Some cheap batteries are only suitable for low-drain items such as remote controls or clocks. Good quality Alkaline batteries should last much longer.

2) You can use re-chargeable batteries. NiMH rechargeable batteries can last even longer than Alkaline and only cost pennies per charge.

3) Mount the Rockit as close to vertical as possible (pointing up with the button on top). Battery life will be reduced if used flat.

4) Try slower speeds, using the dial on the bottom. Sometimes the best rock can be achieved at a slower speed, it does not always need to be fast!

Can I buy additional brackets to fit the Rockit to other pushchairs or Prams?

Yes, these can be ordered from us - just click here